Author: David Tree

Zero Point VR – CILECT Congress 2017

We had the great privilege of exhibiting our Zero Point VR show in sunny Switzerland at the CILECT Congress 2017.  The experience was received warmly by educators from the top 160 institutions for cinema and television, provoking deep debate around Virtual Reality as a story telling medium.   Conference Listing...

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FMX 2017

It’s been an exciting week here in Stuttgart this years focus has been on VR AR MXR and all done in RR.  The main focus has been on the future of the technology with focus shifting from 360 video production towards a fully interactive immersive environment.  In addition to this we have gained some insight into the thoughts, processes and techniques used in the latest hollywood films including doctor strange, guardians of he galaxy 2 and fantastic beasts and where to find them.  Once we get back to the uk there will be some more insights on the future...

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VR ready AR you

A great day so far in Aarhus sharing knowledge with our non digital native crowd. Thank you to Bertie Millis for being our guest speaker from virtual umbrella and sharing his...

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Zero Point VR

Confirmed: we will be launching the brand new Zero Point Virtual Reality experience at the barbican centre on the 15th May 2017.  Investigating the topic of meditation within a virtual space this project has been an exciting collaboration between noted choreographer and dancer Darren Johnson of array UK, David Tree, Neil Gallagher and a core group of MA Games Art students....

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