Working in collaboration with a team at Rewind on a VR Red Bull Air Race project. The main task on this project was to help blend LIDAR scan data of the Royal Ascot stadium into the landscape tools and hiding the scans with modular assets and foliage inside the Unreal 4 Engine. My main focus was landscape, foliage, race track and generalist 3D and pushing the fidelity of the graphics while maintain a high frame rate for VR.

The VR Red Bull Air Race project is one of most exciting experiences available in the world of virtual reality. Using cutting-edge technology, Red Bull is introducing a fully immersive flying experience in which you strap on a pilots helmet and rather than a screen visor you pull down an Oculus Rift headset and become part of the worlds fastest motorsport and enjoy a lap of the Ascot race course in full stereoscopic 3D.