The Challenge presented by the Plasticity project was one of distant working and inaccessiblity.  The Plasticity installation was to be installed in a now disussed Oil tank in Sol, South Korea, when initially commisioned the Array team had no access to the space as it was still under construction, however this lack of access did not change the fact that deadlines were tight and we needed to start the design process as soon as possible.

using a combined approach of Architectural Visualisation and Virtual Reality art tools (Google TiltBrush) we saught to gain virtual access to the space to begin mapping the volumes and design the visitor experiance.  To reduce the need for iteration and rendering of stills we utilised an online model sharing tool to allow the team in the UK to communicate with the team in south korea allowing us to reduce the stages needed to develop the final piece and minimising the impact of the time differences.  Overall this approach allowed the artist from Array to design in a way that was conducive to artistic methods, unemcombered by the lack of accessibility to the space.